GFA Group offers Elite, Personalized Advisory Services to esteemed entrepreneurs and investors, who seek a specialized consultant to advise them on their legal, financial and management decision making affairs.

The multilevel, modern, business activities environment and structures do not provide any restrictions or protection towards the ruthless competition and market fluctuations.  Thus, the constantly evolving technological progress is enabling competition to grow even more, by intensely enhancing all the communication channels.

GFA Group analyzed those needs and is offering investors / entrepreneurs’ personalized service solutions that may assist them in mitigating risks and safeguarding their interests towards their business activities.

The group consists of Chambersfield Economides Kranos International Law Firm and GFA Trust, corporate and fiduciary services provider.

Our experienced team of attorneys undertakes a comprehensive range of complex legal disputes and business cases that fall within the scope of: Corporate and Commercial Law, Litigation and Arbitration, Aviation Law, Admiralty and Shipping,  Family Law, Tenancy Matters, Tort Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, European Law, Environmental Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property, Energy Law, Property Law, Information Technology Law, Tax Law, Debt Recovery, Business Crisis Management, Multi – Jurisdictional M & A, Investment Consultancy, Forex / Binary Industry, Trusts, Citizenships & Residency schemes, Banking & Finance, Accident claims, Liquidations, Anti – Money Laundering, Compliance, GDPR Consultation, Corporate Governance and Dispute Resolution.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to offer our clientele with diversified, innovative solutions and services specifically tailored to meet their cases’ needs.

We aim to provide exquisite legal representation which will exceed clients’ expectations.

As a group, we have a genuine interest in customers’ needs and attention to human side, so as to build a relationship governed by mutual respect. These values are the notifying differences which assist us in understanding the objectives of our customers and allow us to solve complex problems affecting them.

The fundamental core value of our group is to build and preserve long term relationships with customers and not one-off business collaboration. Following this practice, customers become “associates” in this mutually beneficial relationship and are not considered as customers in the typical and traditional manner.

Team of Experts

Our team consists of determined, experienced, knowledgeable and well-educated individuals, with an incomparable passion for their profession who understand that each case, no matter the customer’s status and value, is unique and significant.  Subsequently, the firm customizes its services and proposals, in order to enhance the realization of every goal set.

Key Objectives

The key objectives that characterize the group’s business dealings are the following:

  • Provide outstanding legal representation which exceeds customers’ expectations.
  • Foresee and prevent problems before they appear.
  • Propose solutions to complex issues for our clients.
  • Ensure business relationships are governed by mutual respect.
  • Having as a prerequisite an in-depth understanding of customers’ requests, targets, businesses activities and markets forces, we focus on their uniqueness.
  • Taking advantage of our legal experience and knowledge of the international industry we provide cutting-edge solutions for each project

Known For

GFA Group is best known for:

  • Its innovative, comprehensive, business way of thinking.
  • The establishment and preservation of long-term relationships.
  • Its customer centric approach.
  • Its professional and structural approach whereas each case is followed up until its completion.
  • Its proactive approach for foreseen and preventing possible risks.
  • Having the highest level of reliability and acknowledgement of the businesses’ activities and various market forces.
  • Its comprehensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the legal and international business industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The group’s timeless commitment is to be next to those in need and support them in every way possible.

In order to do so, we participate, as a member, in non-profit organizations that promote welfare for people in need.  Specifically, the group has organized a charitable event for the welfare of families in need in association with the Limassol Holy Metropolis (Church), as well as, a cocktail party with sole goal to offer and fulfil the wishes of the children with the Cyprus Association “One Dream One Wish”.  The “One Dream One Wish” Association supports families with children suffering from cancer, leukemia and other life-threatening diseases.

GFA Group’s shared philosophy indicates that “It is important to contribute to the welfare of our society by supporting charitable organizations, various charity projects and assist in bringing public awareness to sensitive issues of our society, since even the smallest gesture can make a difference”.

Additionally, our CEO highlights the importance of “Every child and person’s right to be among us, this year and every year. Therefore, each of us can make a difference by offering back to society.”

Pro Bono

Pro bono is a term used for the provision of free legal advice under specific circumstances.

We support society by offering pro bono work, consultation and representation of individuals, without adequate financial sources, in Court, on various issues including family law, criminal law, housing, asylum or any other legal matter.

We strongly believe that justice should be available to all, even when their finances are not enough.

Animal welfare

Mohandas K. Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Embracing these values through a series of public speeches and charity events, we endeavor to spread the word that animals should be protected and respected the same as humans.

Environmental awareness

We aim to use sustainable resources and renewable energy to avoid further environmental damage and that is why we work hard to reduce our environmental impact.

Since the group’s establishment, we are participating in a recycling program and using recycled paper and double-sided printing in our daily work activities.

Furthermore, we encourage our colleagues to think green and act in a respectful manner towards the environment.

Our Memberships, Associations and Awards