The Real Estate industry is considered to be the “king” of a country’s economy because of the complexity and challenging nature. The Real Estate market is now experiencing one of the most “interesting” and thought-provoking times of the past decades which make the necessity of a real estate consultant as imperative as ever!

GFA Group has the experienced team of consultants who are well-qualified to offer independent, professional advice in order to turn real estate investments into profitable returns.

Based on each individual’s needs, we provide tailor made solutions and opportunities accompanied with the best real estate advice to meet the needs of clients who seek to invest, lease or acquire properties.

Real estate investment is usually a low risk investment and entrepreneurs are regularly seeking to purchase real estate units, since there are numerous appealing land plots, residential and commercial opportunities in the international market.

GFA Group offers full real estate services to High Net Individuals (HNI), Ultra High Net Individuals (UHNI), entrepreneurs, investors and corporate entities, from the incorporation of the company to its construction & development, up to the selling and rending of real estate properties units.

The experience team of our group can deal with the complete lifecycle of a real estate transaction and in all matters that are associated with Real Estate Law.

Moreover, our group of companies has strong connections with many reputable developers and real estate agents all over the world; therefore, it is in the position of proposing real estate properties that will meet the requirements of the investor.

In addition, the group is able to follow all the procedures needed by providing guidance on the documentations, perform all the due diligence inspection on the properties and developers, confirm with the land registry that all properties are clean and do not have any financial burdens or mortgages as well as, handling the entire requirements.

Areas of Expertise: