Migration Citizen

Migration Citizen, a division of Chambersfield Economides Kranos, offers a full spectrum of immigration services based always on the requirements and needs of each customer.

Our relations with customers are based on the notions of mutual trust, loyalty, understanding and effectiveness. Customers’ needs become our requests; therefore our approach is always based on a personal level consultation.

Our professional experts have a legal background and, an extensive experience in regards to Citizenship and Permanent Residence schemes. We suggest solutions that are fully compliant with the legal provisions of each and every jurisdiction we are dealing with. i.e. Cyprus Investment Program, Cyprus Permanent Residence via Investment  and Greece Golden Visa, as well as and Caribbean island schemes.

Provided services

  • Investment Programs in Cyprus and Caribbean islands.
  • Permanent Residence Schemes Cyprus and Greece.
  • Worldwide Immigration Services.
  • Strategic Advisory and Consultation.
  • Real Estate Options and Services.
  • Immigration Management Solution.

The Citizenship by Investment scheme is considered as a significantly valuable intangible asset for investment portfolio, since it has an immediate return in respect to investment opportunities. It is a lifetime risk-free investment solution that can be passed on from generation to generation.

The most significant privilege of lifetime citizenship is that it provides individuals with the ultimate right of choice, since with the acquisition of an additional citizenship; individuals can determine their own future and lifestyle.

The great philosophy behind such immigration investment schemes is that individuals can benefit in various ways. Firstly, they obtain a new and additional citizenship for themselves and their families. Secondly, they instantly acquire a visa free regime for a number of countries. Thirdly, they obtain the right to live, work or conduct business in the newly acquired country of citizenship, since instantly they gain the same rights as a local individual.

Some of the predominant characteristics that constitute a high-quality “Citizenship by Investment Scheme” are: mobility offered by the additional citizenship, reputation of the country in respect to safety, lifestyle, culture, geographical position, health providence, legal environment, corporate law etc. as well as, the investment opportunities an individual may obtain on a corporate level.

Our experienced team of experts is committed and determined to offer customized solutions to the clients, so as to provide them with quality of life, security, financial freedom and instant mobility, through the provision of professional advisory services.

In addition, the firm offers quality, trust-worthy and highly recognizable Permanent Residence Government schemes.