Private Equity investments are considered to be a very difficult chapter in the alternative investment class, and they should be monitored thoroughly at every stage of the portfolio cycle, in order for the private equity companies to increase their profits and value.

Lawyers play a fundamental role in handling private equity investments, since they are the ones who will advise and then implement the necessary strategies on behalf of their clients, to achieve the favorable result, which at the same time is compliant with the legal structure and framework.

Our team of legal advisors has great expertise in the formation and management of private equity funds. They follow structural procedures at all stages, to legally secure the actions needed to be taken.

At every stage of the process, our advisors are identifying and setting the targets, analyze the relevant stage of the portfolio units, monitor the earnings growth as well as the selling and buying procedures.

In addition, our team handles the possible negotiation procedures that may arise during the mergers and acquisitions when they arise, the selling procedures, contracts drafting, transaction mediations, negotiations, legal entities incorporation, organizational structure formation etc.

In conclusion, the group’s legal advisors undertake the whole procedure stages and aspects involved in the private equity deals and consult the investors on how to proceed according to the current trends and market fluctuations.