GFA group offers a wide range of services in the energy industry which comprises non- renewable energy such as petroleum, oil and gas and renewable energy resources like wind and solar energy, as well as hydroelectric power generation.

Undoubtedly, the energy sector has a very complex structure since it is correlated with a huge network of companies that are dealing either with the production, exploitation, sale and / or distribution of the energy.  The energy industry is considered to be very demanding and affects the general supply and demand of the international economy.

The company’s legal team of consultants is very well aware of the industry’s complexities and may assist in the forming of appropriate strategies needed to be followed in order to pursue and achieve the set targets.

Our legal advisors may consult entrepreneurs and legal entities, on a corporate level, on business and actions plans, negotiation procedures, mediations and arbitrations, whereas from a legal perspective, they can offer advice and handle all the needed procedures for the drafting of contracts and energy agreements, issuance of ownership, acquisition, exploration licenses, public procurement procedures, preparation of all the necessary documentations requested by European and International Laws.