GFA Group has great expertise in corporate and commercial law issues and disputes.  Our aim, when disputes arise, is to provide legal consultation and advice on the specific matter with the endeavor of safeguarding all businesses’ relationships and interests.

We are able to provide legal advice on matters such as company incorporation, management and administration, name registration, merchandising, trade, commerce, sale procedures, business models, development ideas, formation / change on internal or external policies, group restructuring, investment etc.
Our team of experts can assist in arbitration cases between parties involved, partnership formation, re-domiciliation, merger and acquisition procedures, joint ventures, loan restructuring, tenancy agreements, assets management, shareholder agreements etc.

In addition, our professionals may consult in matters related to Intellectual Property Law.  Based on our professional experience, the registration of Intellectual Property should not be omitted under any circumstance, since it is an intangible asset investment, and enhances the value of the company in all business levels. Consequently, and due to the fact that not all cases are straightforward, we strongly recommend that all intellectual property procedures should be monitored by professionals who will propose the appropriate actions and give the best suitable advice on both national and international level.

GFA Group has already an established reputation of being a corporate / commercial leader in the international market since it provided its services to all type of business corporations.